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America’s meat supply is cheap and efficient. Covid-19 showed why that’s a problem.

Politico 23 Sep 2021
In the wake of pandemic disruptions, even big meatpacking states are exploring ways to create smaller, regional alternatives to our highly centralized meat industry ... In a recent letter to USDA officials, NAMI Chief Operating Officer Mark Dopp argued that the meat industry actually “fared reasonably well in extraordinary circumstances.”.

U.S. farm group seeks stronger antitrust action with new campaign

Reuters 23 Sep 2021
The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into alleged price-fixing by big meat companies like Koch Foods and Pilgrim’s Pride, which has resulted in several indictments ... Department of Agriculture to better enforce the Packers and Stockyards Act, a century-old law regulating meat industry competition.

A Vegan Diet Is Not Automatically the Most Sustainable Choice

Treehugger 23 Sep 2021
I do eat eggs from my rescue chickens, local honey, and occasionally local meat or fish ... But I will occasionally eat meat as long as the animals lived well and were treated and killed humanely ... Reducing Meat and Dairy Consumption ... As things stand, the global meat and dairy industries take a massive toll on the environment.

Here's What Happens When Two Multi-Billion Dollar Megatrends Collide

The Salamanca Press 23 Sep 2021
The Numbers Behind This Industry Bridge ... What Peloton did for fitness...What Oatly has done for plant-based milk …What Beyond Meat has done for the vegan industry …PlantFuel (FUEL; BLLXF) plans to do as it looks to bridge the $7-billion plant-based industry with the expected $35-billion sports nutrition and supplements industry.

Meat bosses warn soaring CO2 costs could mean higher bills for UK shoppers

Irish Independent 23 Sep 2021
Shoppers could face rising bills as meat manufacturers face sharp cost rises due to the soaring price of CO2, industry sources have said. Meat and poultry supplies faced major disruption due ...

Raj Patel: Climate, Conflict and Capitalism Drive Global Hunger. COVID Made It Worse

Democracy Now 23 Sep 2021
But, of course, you know, they can make this argument uninformed by the science of sustainability that says that industrial meat production is one of the drivers of climate change. And we’ve seen in the United States industrial meat production was one of the industries that ...

Shoppers face 'five per cent hike in food prices' due to perfect storm of lorry ...

The Daily Mail 23 Sep 2021
Empty shelves are seen in the meat aisle of a Co-Op supermarket branch in Harpenden ... Despite the government agreeing a deal to restart production at the plants, industry bodies have warned that consumers may still see a hike in food prices, particularly if the cost of CO2 rises.

FSSAI takes Vegans into account, adopts new inspiring logo designed by Bengaluru student

International Business Times 23 Sep 2021
According to the proposed laws, vegan food products cannot contain milk and milk products, fish, poultry, meat, egg or egg products, honey bee or honey products, or insect-derived materials such as silk, colouring, or bone char used in sugar bleaching ... FSSAI has been working on eliminating industrial trans-fat in foods for the past 10 years.

Following Successful IPO Nepra Foods Issues Letter from the CEO

Eagle-Tribune 23 Sep 2021
Nepra is led by a team of master bakers, chefs, and executives with decades of experience in the food industry ... Since its inception in 2016, everything Nepra has accomplished aims to solve challenges faced by the industry ... The speed of lasting change is accelerating in the industry, and the changes we see in the sector are primarily for the better.

Pig farmers say butcher shortage could lead to cull of animals

BBC News 23 Sep 2021
"We understand the importance of seasonal labour and we are aware of the challenges that the meat processing and farming industries have faced in recent months because of the Covid-19 pandemic and labour shortages, and Defra has been working closely with these sectors during this time.".

Sen. Thune hears concerns, discusses possible solutions

Mobridge Tribune 23 Sep 2021
Thune said he hopes the work will shed some light on the meat packer industry, in which four major packers control the market. He said Congress and the Department of Justice are taking a hard look at the industry. He said Congress is searching for methods to protect the process of competition for the benefit of consumers in the industry.

Ruth Ozeki: “Writing novels was not something I felt racially, ethnically or culturally entitled to do”

Harpers Bazaar 23 Sep 2021
... story succinctly, to handle a narrative arc.” She received a grant to write a screenplay, and instead wrote her first novel, My Year of Meats, about the media and the politics of the meat industry, which won the 1998 Kiriyama Prize and the American Book Award the same year.

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos are throwing money at biodiversity. Will it work?

Vox 23 Sep 2021
... the industries that spew climate-warming emissions ... They could, for example, include supporting industries that sell plant-based meats (cattle farming is a major driver of deforestation) or cleaning up corporate supply chains, instead of setting up a reserve for a rare species.

BBC accidentally admits carbon dioxide is a COOLANT

Principia Scientific 22 Sep 2021
The carbon dioxide used by the meat industry is a by-product of fertiliser production, but fertiliser factories have been halting production due to soaring natural gas prices ... It has been holding emergency talks with industry groups and meat processors, as first reported by the Financial Times.